Year 1 - Magic e with i
Do you like magic?

Year 1 - Magic e with i

Magic e with i tests KS1 children’s skills using the ie/igh sound through magic e. The words tested in this quiz are suggested in the National Curriculum.

When there is an e at the end of a word, it changes the vowel into what we call a long vowel sound. The word ‘bit’ goes from ‘i’ to 'bite' making it sound more like ‘igh’. Test your knowledge on these magic e with i words.

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  1. Spell the missing word: How _____ is Earth?
    Earth is believed to be over 12,000 kilometres wide.
  2. Spell the missing word: Number _____ is before number 10.
    Did you know, many believe cats have nine lives!
  3. Spell the missing word: The number _____ comes after four.
    Everyone is recommended to eat at least five pieces of fruit and veg a day.
  4. Spell the missing word: What's the _____?
    In the olden days, they used to be able to tell the time through a sundial and they would watch how the shadow fell and use that as a clock.
  5. Spell the missing word: They went for a _____.
    All these answers include the i_e sound. The best way to see how to spell a new word is by writing all the possibilities and then picking the word that looks the most familiar.
  6. Spell the missing word: This torch will _____ bright in the sky.
    In the olden days they used to light wood to be able to see, then candles, then oil and now we have electricity!
  7. Spell the missing word: They have joined the ____.
    This word is broken up into these sounds: l + i + n, we don't pronounce the 'e' and we say the 'i' as the long vowel sound.
  8. Spell the missing word: Otters have a very long and fun _____.
    Otters normally live for around sixteen years.
  9. Spell the missing word: They went on a horse _____.
    There is a type of horse riding called dressage. This is where the horse is taught to walk in a particular way and is a very popular hobby and sport.
  10. Spell the missing word: He has a pain in his ____.
    Often, when running, people get a pain in the side of their stomach. This is called a stitch and normally means you need to drink more water.

Author: Finola Waller

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