Year 1 - The End Sound ff
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Year 1 - The End Sound ff

The End Sound ff helps KS1 children learn spellings that end in ‘ff’. The spelling rule is outlined in the National Curriculum and states that Year 1 children should know when to use this sound.

If a word ends in a ‘f’ sound, it is most likely going to end with two of that letter: ‘ff’. Normally if the vowel sound before it is short, like an ‘uh’ sound, the next letters will be ‘ff’.

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  1. Spell the missing word: ____ the flowers, do they smell nice?
    If you sneeze after sniffing a flower, you may be allergic to them or have hay fever.
  2. Spell the missing word: The ____ on my slippers keep falling off.
    In some countries, like Japan, it is polite to take off your shoes when indoors and wear house slippers.
  3. Spell the missing word: What's the ____ that goes inside a teddy?
    It's actually called stuffing. Teddy bears are the most common gifts given and are very collectible - there's even a teddy bear museum!
  4. Spell the missing word: I'll ____ and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down!
    This is what the wolf said each time he tried to blow down one of the homes of the three little pigs.
  5. The opposite to on, is...
    The picture is the commonly used sign on computers and means both on and off.
  6. Spell the missing word: Please ____ the prisoner.
    Handcuffs go on your wrist, and the area where your shirt lays is called the cuff. You also have cufflinks that are small pieces of jewellery that go on your shirt cuffs.
  7. Spell the missing word: Look at the beautiful ____.
    In England, the most famous cliffs are The White Cliffs of Dover; there's even a song about them.
  8. Spell the missing word: Please meet the ____.
    We call a group of employees 'staff' but you can also have a large staff, which is like a large stick or cane.
  9. Why does the word 'puff' end with 'ff'?
    Any time a word has a short vowel sound, the last letter will be doubled. The word leaf has a long vowel sound (ea) and so, it only has one 'f' at the end.
  10. Spell the missing word: Please ____ out the candle.
    This picture shows a candle snuffer, which works by stopping the oxygen from getting to the fire.

Author: Finola Waller

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