Year 1 - The Sound ear (heard)
When you read a story, look at the words carefully so that you will remember how to spell them.

Year 1 - The Sound ear (heard)

This 'Sound ear (heard)' spelling quiz tests KS1 children on the other sounds made by this trigraph. To help you, think of the words ‘heard’ and ‘bear’ as these words show the two other possible ways to say ‘ear’. This spelling quiz will also show other words with the 'ear' trigraph that are also pronounced in different ways.

The trigraph ‘ear’ is sometimes pronounced like ‘ear’ – that part of the body on your face. However, sometimes it’s pronounced like ‘er’ or ‘air’. This quiz will test you on words with the 'ear' letters but the way the word is said will vary. See if you can spell the missing words.

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  1. This ____ will go into hibernation soon.
    Hibernation means the bear will spend winter sleeping.
  2. He put his fingers together and made a ____ shape.
    Here the 'ear' sound makes an 'ar' noise. It can get very confusing!
  3. Have you ____ the news?
    The word 'hear' is said like 'ear' but if you say you heard something, the 'ear' sound changers to 'er'.
  4. He is playing a word ____.
    A word search is where the words are in a table full of letters. You have to try and find a word within all those letters.
  5. Will you ____ your school uniform on a Saturday?
    Many schools in America don't have school uniforms; whereas in England every school has one!
  6. Yesterday I found a _____ on the beach.
    Pearls are very precious stones that are found in the sea, inside a shell like in the picture.
  7. What would you like to ____ today?
    You're never too old to learn. Many adults go to college or centres to gain qualifications they missed when they were younger. Some adults have to learn at work and lots of adults go to university.
  8. How much did you _____ for washing the car?
    Have you ever helped to wash a car?
  9. I ____ that what you're eating is a ____.
    The term to swear on something comes from court, where you swear an oath to tell the truth.
  10. The third planet from the sun is called ____.
    This is also the planet we live on!

Author: Finola Waller

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