Year 1 - The Sound ie (tie)
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Year 1 - The Sound ie (tie)

This 'Sound ie' spelling quiz tests KS1 children on the sound made with words like ‘tie’. The spellings in this test have been taken from and added to the ones in the National Curriculum.

Sometimes the letters ‘ie’ make an ‘igh’ sound. We say, when two vowels go walking – the first one does the talking. That means with ‘ie’ you ignore the ‘e’ sound and just say ‘I’. That rule applies to some ‘ie’ words. Test your knowledge on spellings with ‘ie’ in them.

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  1. Spell the missing word: He ____ his hardest!
    Did you know, the heart is a muscle.
  2. Spell the missing word: When the car broke down, she ____.
    All these answers make the sound 'cried' but only one is a real spelling and therefore, only one is a real word.
  3. Spell the missing word: Please can you ____ my shoelaces?
    Puma were the first company to make trainers without shoelaces; they used velcro.
  4. Spell the missing word: Pinocchio's nose grew when he told a ____.
    Geppetto made Pinocchio out of wood and every time he told a lie, his nose would grow!
  5. Spell the missing word: The engine in my car has ____.
    Cars don't live, so they can't really die but it is something we say. When we say this, it's called personification - that means we are making the car sound like a person!
  6. Spell the missing word: He ____ on the evil conqueror.
    Ian Fleming wrote about a spy called James Bond. He is one of the most famous fictional spies!
  7. Spell the missing word: Would you like some ____?
    Pies can be both savoury and sweet. This means you can have a pie for dinner and for dessert!
  8. Spell the missing word: That was a delicious ____ breakfast!
    A fried breakfast with bacon, eggs, sausages, beans and tomatoes is called a Full English. It can come with other foods too, such as mushrooms and toast.
  9. Firstly, which of these words have the ie/igh sound we are looking into?
    The words 'chief' and 'thief' have the 'ie' letters but not the sound. We are looking at 'ie' when it makes the 'igh' sound.
  10. Spell the missing word: She ____ the rose petals.
    Some people press flowers, which keeps them looking the same but flat and they can be hung in a frame. You can also use dried petals to make potpourri.

Author: Finola Waller

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