Year 1 - The Sound ou
Look at the lovely CLOUDS.

Year 1 - The Sound ou

This 'Sound ou' spelling quiz asks KS1 children to spell words with that sound. To help you teach this sound, think of the word ‘cloud’ and use that as your reminder on how it should be said. All the spellings in this quiz have been taken from the recommended list in the National Curriculum, for Year 1 children.

The only high frequency word that ends with the letters ‘ou’ is ‘you’. However, the sound in the word ‘you’ is different to how the ‘ou’ should sound. It’s an exception to the rules. Other than in this word, the ‘ou’ is pronounced like ‘ow’ – as in “Ow, you just hurt me!” These spellings will all include the ‘ow’ sound. Can you spell the missing words?

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  1. Your teeth are inside your ____.
    The hardest part of the human body is called enamel, which is on your teeth.
  2. The ____ coin is very ____.
    This coin was made in 1983 and replaced one pound bank notes.
  3. I can ____ to ten!
    Once you can count to ten, you learn to add single digits together then number bonds.
  4. Don't forget to take the rubbish ____.
    In England, we place our rubbish in our bins outside and dustbin men come and collect them once a week.
  5. The ____ comes out of these speakers and travels ____ the room.
    If you have speakers all over the room, then this is called surround sound.
  6. They were very ____ of their new ____.
    People save up for years to buy a house but most people only save a deposit. This means they save a small amount of money and borrow the rest from a bank, which is called getting a mortgage.
  7. The pirate ____ the treasure!
    Pirates wore bandanas to keep their hair off their face and catch the sweat whilst working. Practical and fashionable... if you're a pirate!
  8. Please don't ____; I've got a headache.
    Headaches can happen when you're ill and often when you're dehydrated (not had enough water).
  9. Will you teach me ____ Julius Caesar?
    There is so much you can learn about this Roman Emperor but let's start with the basics: his full name was Gaius Julius Caesar.
  10. The ____ was not very ____.
    If you have more than one mouse, the word changes to mice.

Author: Finola Waller

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