Year 1 - The Sound tch
This barn has a THATCHED roof.

Year 1 - The Sound tch

This 'Sound tch' spelling quiz tests KS1 children on this trigraph. All the words have been taken from the recommended spelling list stated in the National Curriculum.

A trigraph is three letters that when put together, make one sound, like ‘tch’. When you say this sound, you don’t hear the ‘t’ sound. These spellings will all have the ‘tch’ sound. See how well you do in this spelling quiz.

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  1. Did you ____ the ____ last night?
    Although you can't catch a match, this is often what people say. Really it should be: 'Did you watch the match last night?'
  2. The pirate is wearing an eye ____.
    Pirates actually believed that wearing earrings would help their eyesight!
  3. Rabbits live in ____.
    Rabbits eat vegetables and hay.
  4. Let's eat in the ____.
    The kitchen is where food is prepared. Some people eat in their kitchen or dining room.
  5. This man is a ____.
    A butcher is someone who sells meat.
  6. The ____ fell down a ____.
    Every Halloween, people dress up as witches and scary creatures.
  7. Whilst on the ____ he had an ____.
    Baseball is mostly played in America.
  8. What time does your ____ say?
    Here's a riddle: I have a face but can't see and hands but can't touch, what am I? A watch!
  9. He won the ____ with a ____.
    Cricket was invented in England a long time ago and is still very popular today.
  10. Can you ____ me a coffee please?
    Coffee is the second-most traded item in the world. This means that it is the second-most bought and sold item!

Author: Finola Waller

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