Year 1 - The Sound ul
See if you can get top marks in this quiz.

Year 1 - The Sound ul

This 'Sound ul' spelling quiz introduces KS1 children to ‘ul’, which can sound like ‘al’, like in the word ‘beautiful’. Or, it can be ‘ull’ and make an ‘u-ll’ sound, like in the word ‘bull’. This quiz will include both sounds and spellings that have the ‘ul’ letters.

The letters ‘ul’ can make an al/au sound and if you add another ‘l’ – changing it to ‘ull’ it makes the ‘u+ll’ sound. This quiz will test you on words that have 'ul' in them and as you go, practise how to say these words as the pronunciation might vary. Improve your spelling in this quiz!

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  1. This bird is called a ____.
    Seagulls are usually seen at the seaside, but you can see them inland too.
  2. The princess looked ____.
    This is a hard spelling but one worth learning as you'll use it a lot in your writing to describe people and things.
  3. Please ____ that ____ box of toys over here.
    In the 19th century, children weren't allowed to play with toys on Sundays.
  4. He broke his arm and said it was very ____.
    If you want to change the word to painfully, you add another 'l' and a 'y'.
  5. Please walk ____ across this bridge.
    The Millennium Bridge in London is also known as the Wobbly Bridge because when it first opened, it wobbled. It was then closed for two years whilst they fixed the wobble.
  6. He bought her a wonderful Christmas present because he is so ____.
    We are adding the suffix 'ful' onto describing words. When 'ul' is written as a suffix, it changes how it is said - when compared to how it's said with words like 'bull'.
  7. ____ he will grow up to be an astronaut.
    This is a tricky word but hopefully you used your phonics skills to help you.
  8. She thought the play was ____.
    The theatre is where actors perform on stage.
  9. The sweets were ____.
    This is not easy, especially as the 'o' sounds like a 'u' in this word.
  10. The ____ ran towards the ____.
    It's not a good idea to bully a bull!

Author: Finola Waller

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