Year 2 - a + sk, ss and st
Shall we BASK in the LAST of the sun?

Year 2 - a + sk, ss and st

This ‘a + sk, ss and st’ spelling quiz informs KS1 children that when you say words with ask/ass/ast the ‘a’ sound is an ‘ar’ sound instead and is written as such. This Year 2 spelling quiz will test children on these words.

The letter ‘a’ is pronounced ‘ah’ but if it comes before ‘sk/ss/st’ it changes to ‘ar’. This quiz will ask you to spell words where the ‘a’ sound has been changed to ‘ar’. Can you spell the missing word?

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  1. Please ____ the ____.
    The Ancient Greeks used to wear masks in their plays to show emotions and express what the character was like - this was able to be seen from afar.
  2. He has a ____ array of fruit.
    The word vast means great amount or large space.
  3. I will ____ you to ____ me the cup.
    The words sound like 'ar' but they don't have the letter 'r' in them.
  4. The ____ did not enjoy the ____.
    Here the 'ar' sound is said before the 'sk' and 'ss' letters.
  5. This dog loves his ____.
    Remember, this word is pronounced m+ar+st+er.
  6. Stand back from the ____!
    Rockets work by burning fuel and gases.
  7. Careful, there is a ____ of milk on the ____.
    Milk is good for the bones because it contains lots of calcium which makes bones stronger.
  8. In the desert, a shadow is easily ____.
    A shadow is formed whenever there is light and an object sitting in the way of the rays.
  9. That's the ____ time I ask you; that was a ____.
    When dealing with electricity, it's always best to get a professional electrician to help.
  10. ____ the ____.
    A flask can keep liquids hot or cold - it works on keeping the liquid the same temperature as when you put it in.

Author: Finola Waller

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