Year 2 - able and ible words
There are no rules for ABLE and IBLE, so it's a case of learning them over and over until you know which ending to use.

Year 2 - able and ible words

This 'able and ible words' spelling quiz is an extension and should be for KS1 children in the last term of Year 2 or children that can be given extension spellings. These words are frequently said and known to children but the spellings may be new. The spellings given do not use these letters as suffixes.

When a word has ‘able’ or ‘ible’ at the end of it, it is pronounced ‘uh - bal’. Even though there is an ‘a’ and ‘i’ at the beginning; they are both pronounced as ‘uh’. See how well you know the spellings of these common words.

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  1. He asked if it was a ____ price and if so, was it ____.
    The second word, valuable, uses 'able' as a suffix. This means it adds able onto a word (value).
  2. I'm being healthy, so please give me one ____.
    We know that this ends with 'uh-bal' so you could write both 'ible' and 'able' and see which word looks most familiar.
  3. You are a ____ seamstress.
    A seamstress is a woman who sews; the male equivalent is a tailor.
  4. Don't put it on the ____, take it to the ____.
    Words that end in ible/able don't have to be long - the shortest version is the word able.
  5. I think I am very ____.
    Lovable means you are able to be loved so love+able = lovable.
  6. It is very ____ that you are the most ____ donkey in the world!
    Donkeys look sensible and very serious but be careful not to stand behind one as they love to kick people with their hind legs.
  7. Are you ____ to turn ____?
    In a way, yes. Iguanas can use camouflage to hide themselves and blend in with their background making them difficult to see.
  8. All work and no play makes Jack ____.
    The saying is actually: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
  9. Please dedicate a ____ amount of time to your homework.
    This means spend more than a few minutes on it but don't spend hours on your homework - that would be a sign that you need help and you should tell your teacher.
  10. It is ____ how ____ you are!
    Incredible means you can't believe it.

Author: Finola Waller

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