Year 2 - Changing the ending to est
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Year 2 - Changing the ending to est

This 'Changing the ending to est' spelling quiz tests KS1 children on words that end with those three letters. Spellings have been taken from and added to those in the National Curriculum.

Hopefully you’ve completed the quiz ‘Adjectives - Adding 'er' and 'est'’ These spellings are all on words that end with ‘est’. Can you spell the missing words?

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  1. I have the ____ shoes in town!
    You could write the word 'shiny' then take away the 'y' and replace it with 'i' then add 'est'. It's a bit like a maths sum!
  2. He is the ____ cat in the world because he has his own iPad.
    The most famous miserable cat in the world is Garfield - have you read any of the comics?
  3. The ____ country in the world is Chile.
    This fact is based on how much rainfall there is each year.
  4. I am the ____ tortoise!
    Maybe he is sad because he has just found out all tortoises have no teeth.
  5. Snow White is the ____ princess of them all.
    She is called Snow White because her skin is as pale as snow.
  6. He has the ____ eyes I've ever seen!
    This big-eyed friend is called a tarsier.
  7. You really are my ____ friend.
    There is no such word as bestest, instead we would just say best.
  8. That is the ____ animal I've ever seen.
    This is a camel. We would write the word ugly and change the 'y' for an 'i' and add 'est'.
  9. Tigers are the ____ animals in the world.
    This is a tough spelling but a good one to know. The word fierce means savage or wild and because the word ends with an 'e', all we need to do is add 'st'.
  10. This is the ____ toilet I've ever seen.
    If you bite your fingernails, you are putting more germs in your mouth than if you licked the toilet seat! Yucky!

Author: Finola Waller

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