Year 2 - Ending with il
Next time someone reads you a story, listen carefully to the sound of the words.

Year 2 - Ending with il

This 'Ending with il' spelling quiz tests KS1 children on the few words that end with this sound. All words have been taken from the recommended spellings in the National Curriculum. If any of these words are new, use this activity to enlarge their vocabulary.

Very occasionally a word will end with ‘il’. This quiz asks you to spell the missing words that have this sound at the end of them. Can you find the missing words?

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  1. When you go to school, you are a ____.
    Pupil is also the name of the black circle in the middle of your eye.
  2. Your nose has two ____.
    You never really breathe through your nostrils equally all the time; sometimes the left might be clearer than the right.
  3. He was in great ____!
    Peril means danger. Can you see why the boy in the picture is in danger?
  4. If you can't draw it, use a ____.
    This was a hard one! A stencil is something you can use to copy patterns, pictures or letters.
  5. They dug and found a huge ____.
    People that dig for fossils are called archaeologists.
  6. They were very polite and ____.
    This is a tricky one. Civil has two meanings - the one in this question means polite and respectful.
  7. He was being a little ____ because he wanted ____ soup.
    Lentils are plants. When these beans or pulses are soaked they can be eaten.
  8. Please don't write in pen, write with a ____.
    If you make a mistake in your writing, you can rub it out if it's in pencil.
  9. In ____ the ____ will be three!
    Gerbils can live for five to eight years.
  10. He was an ____ monster!
    Don't worry - it's just someone wearing a scary Halloween mask!

Author: Finola Waller

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