Year 2 - Suffix ful
Lots of words can take 'ful' as a suffix. How many can you think of?

Year 2 - Suffix ful

This 'Suffix ful' spelling quiz tests KS1 children on words that can end with those three letters. The words used for this spelling quiz have been taken from and added to those suggested in the National Curriculum.

Certain words can have the letters ‘ful’ added to the end of them to change their meaning. These three letters actually add the idea that you are ‘full’ of the root word (the word it has attached onto the end of). Improve your spelling in this quiz.

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  1. This dog is ____.
    Here is an exception to the rule. Sometimes when a word ends in 'y' you change the last letter for an 'i' then add 'ful'.
  2. Thanks for your help, you have been very ____.
    All you need to do is add 'ful' onto the end of the word.
  3. He was very ____.
    Babies can't speak so to communicate they cry.
  4. She was ____ in passing her driving test.
    This was a hard one - but remember if you can spell the root word 'success' then it just needs 'ful' to be added.
  5. He was very ____.
    He is full of thanks. The word 'thank' is called the root word because it stays the same and in place just like roots on a tree.
  6. That bruise looks very ____.
    This means full of pain. We don't add the word full though, we add 'ful' - with one l.
  7. Be ____ when you walk across this rope.
    Be full of care when you walk across this tightrope.
  8. This was the most ____ time of their lives.
    This word has the 'igh' sound.
  9. The picture they sent her was ____.
    The word 'wonder' has rooted to the ground and we add the suffix 'ful' to the end.
  10. She was ____ but she crossed her fingers anyway.
    She is full of hope that she will get the job and that's why her fingers are crossed.

Author: Finola Waller

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