Year 2 - The Sound a in ‘wallet’
Words sounding like the 'a' in wallet - how many will you get right?

Year 2 - The Sound a in ‘wallet’

This 'The Sound a in wallet’ spelling quiz tests KS1 children on spellings that have this sound, which is similar to that in the word ‘hot’. These words have been taken from the National Curriculum’s recommended spelling list for children in Year 2.

If there is an au/o sound after letters ‘qu’ or ‘w’ it is shown by the letter ‘a’. This quiz will ask you for words where the ‘a’ sound makes the same as in the word ‘wallet’. Can you spell the missing words?

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  1. What time does your ____ say?
    If you are right handed, you will probably wear your watch on your left wrist and vice versa.
  2. ____ do you get if a horse and donkey have a baby?
    You get a mule.
  3. What ____ of oranges do you want?
    We tend not to weigh oranges, instead we decide how many we want.
  4. After her ____ through the fields, she sat down and played on her computer.
    Wander and wonder sound the same but mean different things. Wander means walk around and wonder is to think about something.
  5. I ____ that toy!
    There's a saying: I want don't get. This means if you say you want something, that's not very polite and instead you should ask or say please can I have.
  6. He ____ the best tap dancer in England.
    Tap dancers have special shoes with metal attached to the bottom to make a tapping noise as they dance.
  7. These two ____ all the time.
    Quarrel means argue.
  8. Please ____ your hands.
    The 'a' sound is different in these words - it makes more of an 'o' sound.
  9. These men are playing ____.
    Squash is a sport and also a verb; you can squash oranges together to make orange squash!
  10. Did you make the netball ____?
    Don't forget, q and u are always together.

Author: Finola Waller

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