Abbreviations (Mr., Mrs.)
Barbecue can be shortened to BBQ.

Abbreviations (Mr., Mrs.)

This English and Literacy picture quiz takes a look at abbreviations and informs children of the most common abbreviations they see and may use in their writing. Many of the reading books given to KS1 children contain shortened ways of saying Mrs., Mr. etc. This quiz strengthens their knowledge on the abbreviations they see frequently and will refine their literacy and English language skills.

Sometimes we can shorten words by using an abbreviation. Your teacher and parents will use an abbreviation for their name. If your teacher is called Mister Smith, we would write Mr. Smith - changing Mister to Mr.

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  1. If it's the morning, which abbreviation do we use to show it?
    We use 'a.m' to show that it is a time in the morning. The A is short for ante and the M stands for meridiem, both words are Latin for 'before noon'.
  2. What does TV stand for?
    You probably call your TV by its abbreviation all the time.
  3. What is the abbreviation for Doctor Peters?
    A Dr. (or doctor) can be either male or female.
  4. What is the abbreviation for 'Avenue'?
    Sometimes if a road name is too long and we can't fit it on the envelope, we shorten the word to Ave.
  5. What is the abbreviation for the word 'street'?
    We always write a full stop after an abbreviated word.
  6. What is the abbreviation for 'Road'?
    Envelopes don't allow much space for writing, so you have to write quite small and sometimes abbreviate the word 'road' and often the county name.
  7. What does D.I.Y stand for?
    Do It Yourself means you are going to make changes to your home, like putting up a shelf. You will be doing it yourself, instead of calling in a professional carpenter.
  8. What is the abbreviation for Mistress Jones?
    If your teacher is called 'Mrs.' this means they are female and married.
  9. The Romans existed during this time.
    BC stands for 'Before Christ' and signifies a time before the birth of Jesus.
  10. Saint Peter can be shortened to what?
    'St.' is an abbreviation for the word 'street' and 'saint.'

Author: Finola Waller

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