Adjectives 1
Delicious chocolate cream cakes. The first three words all describe the cake and are adjectives.

Adjectives 1

This quiz is about adjectives and is for Year 2 pupils at KS1 level. It is based on the National Curriculum's requirement that they use expanded noun phrases in their writing. Identifying and using adjectives really improves their knowledge of Literacy and English, especially when writing stories and poems.

When we write, we should add as much description as possible. To make our writing more interesting we should add adjectives. An adjective describes a noun. A noun could be ‘girl’ but the adjective would be ‘tall’ and so, ‘A tall girl’ is more detailed than just ‘A girl.’

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  1. 'The sky became very dark.' Which word is an adjective?
    The adjective doesn't need to be next to the noun, just in the same sentence.
  2. Which word is not an adjective?
    The word 'bear' is the noun and all the others are ways you can describe it.
  3. Which word is an adjective?
    The word walking is a verb and the other two, cliff and mountain, are nouns. If I wrote Mount Everest, then that's the proper name for the mountain and is called a proper noun.
  4. Which word is not an adjective to describe this monster?
    If I write: 'The monster walked towards me' it doesn't give me any details and I can't imagine it. If I write: 'The red, scary and angry monster walked towards me' it sounds much more interesting.
  5. 'Natalie drove a big lorry.' Which word is the adjective?
    A lorry can also be called a truck.
  6. Which word is not an adjective?
    The dress can be described as beautiful, long and red. You can use more than one adjective to describe something.
  7. Which word is not an adjective?
    One of the most famous pirates was called Blackbeard.
  8. Which word is not an adjective to describe this baby?
    We could describe the baby as adorable, cute or pretty. If we describe him as Matthew, then we are giving his name, which is not a description.
  9. Which word is not an adjective to describe this dog?
    The dog is the noun and all the other words describe what he is like, either in appearance or character.
  10. What is an adjective?
    An adjective is a word that describes a noun.

Author: Finola Waller

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