Adverbs 1
The balloon popped noisily in my face! Do you know which word is the adverb?

Adverbs 1

This quiz is about identifying adverbs and it helps children understand what an adverb is used for. The National Curriculum states that Year 2 pupils at KS1 level should know this terminology. Using adverbs will increase their knowledge of the English language and literacy.

A verb is a word that involves action and an adverb is how the action is happening. ‘She sang loudly’ - the verb is ‘sang’ and how she is singing is ‘loudly,’ which is the adverb.

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  1. Which of these words is not an adverb?
    Many adverbs end in 'ly'.
  2. 'The snail crept slowly along the garden path.' Which words are the verb and adverb?
    You will often see snails in the garden after rain.
  3. 'The old man nodded...' Which adverb could not follow?
    Every sentence you write has the potential to include an adverb.
  4. Finish this sentence: The boys were working...
    There are lots of adverbs to choose from, so make sure you add them in your writing.
  5. 'The aeroplane landed safely.' Which word is an adverb?
    The English way to spell aeroplane is like this but in America they write 'airplane'.
  6. Which word is not an adverb?
    An adverb adds to and describes a verb.
  7. 'The flames spread quickly.' Which word is an adverb?
    It is important that every house has a fire alarm and that the owners check it regularly.
  8. Why do we use adverbs?
    When we write, we want to interest the reader. By adding description to our verbs, we are making our stories more enjoyable.
  9. 'The young mother looked proudly at her baby.' Which words are the verb and adverb?
    Try to write the verb then the adverb when possible.
  10. Finish this sentence: He wrote the letter very...
    Make sure the adverb you use makes sense.

Author: Finola Waller

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