Adverbs 2
The fish swam frantically away from danger. Which word is the adverb?

Adverbs 2

This quiz teaches children about adverbs and it leads on from the Adverbs 1 quiz. The National Curriculum asks that KS1 children know what an adverb is and this task builds on that requirement making sure they add the appropriate word. This will enhance their Literacy and English language skills.

An adverb is a word that describes action. It’s important we include adverbs in our writing but we need to make sure we pick the correct adverb for the verb.

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  1. 'Emma rode...' Which word should not follow this sentence?
    The word for a bike with one wheel is unicycle.
  2. 'The bunny was held...' Finish this sentence.
    The oldest rabbit lived for sixteen years.
  3. 'The robber laughed...' Which word should not follow this sentence?
    We know that the robber is a bad person and so any adverbs we would use would be negative and highlight his nastiness.
  4. Which adverb is the odd one out?
    Three of the adverbs are about speed, whereas 'leisurely' means at a slow pace.
  5. 'The snowmen were knocked down...' Which word should not follow this sentence?
    Carrots are commonly used as noses for snowmen.
  6. 'She walked...' Which word should not follow this sentence?
    To see if you've picked a good adverb, ask yourself: can I walk carefully? gently? lazily? roughly?
  7. 'He walked...' Which word should not follow this sentence?
    You can't move kindly. Make sure you test each word to see if it matches the verb.
  8. 'You should always try to speak...' Finish this sentence.
    When writing and talking on the phone you should be clear in what you are saying and how you are saying it.
  9. What is an adverb?
    A verb is a doing word and an adverb adds to it, so you are adding to the verb - add-verb.
  10. 'They sang...' Which word should not follow this sentence?
    One adverb could change the whole meaning of your sentence, so pick that word carefully.

Author: Finola Waller

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