Animal Noises
"Oink oink!" said the piglet.

Animal Noises

This quiz expands the vocabulary of Key Stage 1 children. During the early years, children are made aware of animals and the noises they make – this quiz should consolidate and enhance upon what they already know. It serves as a reminder of what they have learned so far when it comes to literacy and the English language, in addition to touching upon onomatopoeia.

We have given names to the noises certain animals make. We say dogs bark. The word ‘bark’ tells us the type of noise that animal makes. There are a few words that describe these noises. See how many you know.

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  1. What noise does a duck make?
    A male duck is calle a drake and a female duck is just called a duck.
  2. What noise do sheep make?
    We describe the noise sheep make as bleating or sometimes, baaing.
  3. What noise do cows make?
    Young cows (calves) make a sound called bawling.
  4. What noise do hens make?
    It's believed that chickens can see in colour.
  5. What noise do lions make?
    The roar of a lion can be heard up to five miles away.
  6. What noise do donkeys make?
    The word bray means a loud harsh sound normally made by a donkey.
  7. What noise do cats make?
    We also say cats meow.
  8. What noise do guinea pigs make?
    A baby guinea pig is called a pup.
  9. What noise do chicks make?
    Baby chicks are born with a special tooth that helps them break the shell (egg) they are born in.
  10. What noise does a cockerel make?
    A cockerel is a male chicken and, in some countries, is also known as a rooster.

Author: Finola Waller

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