Right is an antonym of wrong.


This quiz focusses on antonyms. It is designed to allow KS1 children to spot connections between words and identify the opposite word or antonym. This quiz will help expand their vocabulary, literacy and all-round general English knowledge.

Sometimes we need to disagree and to do so, we need to know the opposite word. An antonym is a word that is opposite to another, like the opposite to up is down.

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  1. 'The soup was cold.' Which word is opposite to 'cold'?
    We need to pick the word that is the furthest away from 'cold'. 'Warm' is only mildly different, whereas 'hot' is the complete opposite.
  2. 'These children are rich.' Which word is opposite to 'rich'?
    Being rich isn't always about money; sometimes you can be rich with love.
  3. What is an antonym?
    An antonym is a word that is the complete opposite to another word. The word 'cat' isn't an exact opposite of 'dog' even though they are completely different animals. An antonym needs to be the exact opposite.
  4. 'He is a very slow tortoise.' Which word is opposite to 'slow'?
    A group of tortoises is called a creep.
  5. 'I would like to buy a jumper.' Which word is opposite to 'buy'?
    Buying and selling are opposite but without one, you can't have the other.
  6. 'A loud man.' Which word is opposite to 'loud'?
    The letters 'q' and 'u' are friends and are almost always next to each other.
  7. 'He is a good footballer.' Which word is opposite to 'good'?
    The other three words all mean similar things - they are all ways of saying average.
  8. 'A long rope.' Which word is opposite to 'long'?
    If we were looking for words that were similar, we would be asking for synonyms.
  9. 'A light box.' Which word is opposite to 'light'?
    Remember - we aren't describing the box, we are finding the opposite word to describe it.
  10. 'I love my new house.' Which word is opposite to 'new'?
    The word 'refurbished' means redecorated or redesigned.

Author: Finola Waller

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