Apostrophes - Contractions (Adding 'Will', 'Would' and 'Are')
I would rather eat cake than vegetables. Do you know how to shorten 'I would'?

Apostrophes - Contractions (Adding 'Will', 'Would' and 'Are')

This quiz looks at apostrophes for contractions. It teaches KS1 children about connecting two words, the latter being ‘will’, ‘would’ and ‘are’. The National Curriculum requires Year 2 children to know how to use an apostrophe to mark when a letter is missing. This activity will aid their learning on contracting the aforementioned words, and will improve their use of the English language and literacy.

Sometimes we can shorten two words by contracting them together. We can contract ‘I will’ into ‘I’ll’; ‘I would’ into ‘I’d’ and ‘you are’ into ‘you’re’. The apostrophe replaces any of the missing letters.

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  1. I'll be ten years old tomorrow. In the word 'I'll' which two words have been contracted?
    Cake used to be considered a small, flattened type of bread. Thank goodness it's changed to the sugary treat we enjoy on our birthdays!
  2. I would say he is lost. Which of these contractions is correct for 'I would'?
    Maybe someone will spot his orange jacket.
  3. I'd have liked a bigger boat. In the word 'I'd' which two words have been contracted?
    I'd can mean 'I had' and 'I would' - you will need to read the sentence aloud, separating the two words to see which one sounds correct.
  4. Which of these sentences is correct, with the correct use of a contraction?
    Remember 'they're' sounds like 'there' and 'their' but unlike the other two it is actually two words squished together.
  5. Which of these is not a contraction?
    An apostrophe has three uses, the omission of a letter is just one purpose!
  6. You're taller than me. In the word 'you're' which two words have been contracted?
    Currently, the tallest man in the world is from Turkey and is 8 foot 3 inches.
  7. She will be walking soon. Which of these contractions is correct for 'she will'?
    If you forget the apostrophe you will be writing the word 'shell', which makes the sentence sound very strange!
  8. Which of these sentences is perfect?
    Your and you're have two different meanings but sound the same. You're means 'you are' and is two words squished together.
  9. Which of these sentences is perfect?
    If you forget to write the apostrophe you change the word 'I'll' into 'Ill', which will completely change the meaning of your sentence.
  10. Which of these sentences is perfect?
    The word dinosaur means 'terrible lizard' in Greek.

Author: Finola Waller

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