Apostrophes - Plural Possessive (to Proper Nouns and Nouns)
The kite belongs to both boys. It is the boys' kite.

Apostrophes - Plural Possessive (to Proper Nouns and Nouns)

This quiz focusses on apostrophes for plural possessive. It is for Year 2 students and introduces the idea of ownerships to groups (plural possession). This quiz coincides with the National Curriculum's suggestion that Year 2 pupils should be able to use apostrophes correctly.

We use an apostrophe to show ownership of something. A person can own something, which is shown by an apostrophe then the letter ‘s’. If there are multiple people that own something, then we show this by writing the plural possession apostrophe s’. ‘The boys’ shirts were torn’ – because the apostrophe is after the ‘s’ then there is more than one boy.

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  1. Which sentence isn't correct?
    Tortoises are reptiles and have scales all over their skin.
  2. Which sentence is not correct?
    There are over 400 million dogs in the world.
  3. Which sentence is not correct?
    The third answer suggests there was more than one girl.
  4. The boys' bags were heavy. Why is the apostrophe in the correct place?
    When we have a noun like 'boys' and they own something then the apostrophe comes after the 's'.
  5. Which sentence is perfect?
    A tennis ball is only in play for about twenty minutes during an average two-and-a-half-hour tennis match.
  6. Which sentence is perfect?
    The word following 'friends' isn't anything that can be owned and so won't have an apostrophe.
  7. The boy's hair was blond. Why is the apostrophe in the correct place?
    An apostrophe can be used to show that one boy owns something and also shows that many boys own something. If you know the boy's name then you would write 's.
  8. Which of these sentences is not correct?
    There is only one Sarah and that's why the apostrophe would go before the 's'. Also, we know we are talking about two people in the first answer because it says 'tops' not 'top'.
  9. Which answer is correct?
    Sharks have the most powerful jaws on the planet. Here I am talking about sharks in general, whereas above, I'm talking about that specific shark.
  10. Which sentence isn't correct?
    Donkeys ears are much larger than horses and they can hear another donkey call from over sixty miles away.

Author: Finola Waller

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