Apostrophes - Singular Possessive (to Nouns)
Have you seen the cat's hat?

Apostrophes - Singular Possessive (to Nouns)

This quiz looks at apostrophes for singular possessive to nouns and is aimed at Year 2 students studying KS1. It helps them learn when an apostrophe is needed to show singular possession to a noun. The National Curriculum suggests all Year 2 children learn how to use apostrophes appropriately and this game will aid that requirement as well as enhancing their use of literacy and the English language.

The cat’s tail. This cat owns her own tail and that is why there is an apostrophe and an ‘s’. If that wasn’t there then that would mean there was more than one cat. If you know the cat is called Mitsy, then you’d write ‘Mitsy’s tail’. If you don’t know the name you use the noun to describe it - like cat. You have to make sure that the cat still owns its tail by showing possession through the apostrophe.

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  1. Which sentence is perfect?
    There were two apostrophes needed in this one sentence as the solider has the wrong hat in his belongings and the brother also owns the hat.
  2. Which sentence is perfect?
    The word 'guests' doesn't need an apostrophe because they aren't owning anything - there is nothing for them to have. When looking at possessive apostrophes, we need to concentrate on the second word to make sure it's something that can be owned.
  3. Which of these is the shorter way of saying: The castle belongs to the knight?
    Knights used to live by a code of chivalry and nowadays, if someone calls you chivalrous it means you are well mannered.
  4. Which sentence shows a possessive noun being used correctly?
    The pirate flag with a white skull and black background is called The Jolly Roger flag and was designed to scare people.
  5. Which sentence is correct?
    There are two potential correct answers here. If there was more than one boy it would be boys' but because there is only one boy and only he owns the bag, it's boy's. This is elaborated on in a different quiz!
  6. Which of these sentences is perfect?
    Only the dog is owning something in this sentence.
  7. Which sentence is perfect?
    There are around 10,000 different species of birds worldwide
  8. Which sentence is correct?
    Elephant trunks have over 40,000 muscles.
  9. This cat's tail is in the air. Why is there an apostrophe in the word 'cat's'?
    Cats spend two thirds of their lives sleeping.
  10. The kangaroos ears were long. Which word should have an apostrophe?
    The kangaroo's ears were long. He owns his ears, that's why there is an apostrophe there. They have large ears that can swivel in all directions.

Author: Finola Waller

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