Apostrophes - Singular Possessive (to Proper Nouns)
This is Peter's dog.

Apostrophes - Singular Possessive (to Proper Nouns)

This quiz, Apostrophes for Singular Possessive to Proper Nouns, is aimed at Year 2 students. It helps them identify when an apostrophe is needed to show singular possession to a proper noun. This is a statutory requirement set out in the National Curriculum for KS1 children and will improve their command of the English language and literacy.

I like my friend Peter’s dog. My friend is called Peter but I have added an apostrophe and an ‘s’ onto his name to show that Peter owns the dog. If an item belongs to somebody, we show this by adding an ‘s.

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  1. Which sentence is perfect?
    Miss Cook owns the lessons, because they belong to her - they are her lessons. Kerry also owns the idea of something being her favourite.
  2. Which sentence is perfect?
    Horses can sleep both lying down and standing up.
  3. Which sentence shows the apostrophe in the correct place?
    Because Anne's name doesn't end in an 's' we add one. If a name does end in an 's' you can either add 's or just put an apostrophe after it.
  4. Which sentence is perfect?
    In 1698, in Russia, men were taxed on having beards!
  5. James' new shoes were brilliant. Why don't we need to write James's?
    You have a choice. If a name ends in 's' you can either write it this way: James'; or this way: James's. Both are correct but the preferred way tends to be James'.
  6. Which sentence is perfect?
    Lots of things belonging to different people here! All need an apostrophe after their name to show the possession of physical things like a cake and non-physical things like a birthday.
  7. Which sentence is perfect?
    The jumper belongs to Sally, because she is holding it - it doesn't look like she has bought it yet though!
  8. That is John's kite. Why is there an apostrophe and an 's' after John's name?
    We use an apostrophe to show a missing letter for contractions but there is also another use for apostrophes - to show that the kite belongs to John.
  9. Which sentence is perfect?
    There are about thirty different types of rabbits.
  10. Which sentence is perfect?
    You can own things that you haven't bought - like eyes, hair etc.

Author: Finola Waller

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