Capital Letters and Spellings of Months
In which month do you celebrate your birthday?

Capital Letters and Spellings of Months

This quiz teaches children about capital letters and spellings of months. It reminds KS1 children that every month begins with a capital letter. It also identifies the shorthand version to describe months of the year. Although this knowledge isn’t stipulated in the National Curriculum, it is something that arises every day when they write the date on multiple pieces of work. Furthermore, it strengthens their English, literacy and spelling knowledge with the correct use of capital letters.

There are twelve months in a year and each month begins with a capital letter. Sometimes we write the full month name (January) and sometimes we write the shorthand version (Jan). Test your knowledge on remembering capital letters and connecting the correct short and long version month name.

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  1. Which list has all the short names of the months written correctly?
    These three months make the season of autumn.
  2. Which of these sentences is perfect?
    We have four seasons and each season has three months within it. There is spring (March, April, May), summer (June, July, August), autumn (September, October, November) and winter (December, January, February).
  3. Which of these is the correct way to write September in a shorter way?
    September is the only month where you write four letters as the shorter version. All the other months are shortened by using only the first three letters.
  4. What month does Aug stand for?
    This month was named after the first Roman Emperor: Augustus.
  5. This date is famous in Great Britain because Guy Fawkes tried to blow up Parliament but which date is written correctly?
    The word Monday should begin with a capital not just because it starts the sentence but because all days of the week should be capitalized.
  6. Do you know which month New Year's Day is? Can you select the correct sentence?
    New Year's Day happens on 1st January and many see this as the perfect time to start a New Year's Resolution. This means they set targets for what they want to achieve within this new year.
  7. Which of these sentences is correct?
    Don't forget what a capital 'D' looks like. Also, December written in its shorter form is 'Dec'.
  8. Which month is 'Jul' short for?
    Every year in the United States of America they celebrate a day called 4th July. This day is called Independence Day.
  9. Now don't forget every month begins with a capital letter. Which of these sentences is correct?
    Don't forget all your knowledge on writing a good sentence. Here, you had to remember to begin your sentence with a capital letter, begin the month with a capital letter and end the sentence with a full stop.
  10. Which of these is the correct way to write February in a shorter way?
    February normally has 28 days in it except when it's a leap year, then an extra day is added.

Author: Finola Waller

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