Compound Words
The word 'sunflower' is a compound word as it can be separated into two words - 'sun' and 'flower'.

Compound Words

This quiz helps KS1 children recognise two words that when put together make a different word. Compound words adds another dimension to their existing repertoire of English and literacy. The National Curriculum states that Year 1 children should know that they are two separate words that should be spelt as they are and just combined to make one new word.

A compound word is two separate words that have been pushed together. The word football combines the word ‘foot’ and ‘ball’. See how much you know about compound words.

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  1. Which answer is a compound word?
    This is the room where the bed goes, also known as the bedroom!
  2. Which of these words is a compound word?
    The two words have to make sense when you put them together. Although the first answer contains two real words, when put together they don't make sense.
  3. 'He put the birds in the birdcage and slipped their food through the bars.' Which word in this sentence is the compound word?
    Most parrots live in tropical areas and are often very brightly coloured.
  4. The word 'playground' combines which two words?
    A compound word is two words that make sense on their own but when joined together, they make a new word - like playground.
  5. Which answer is a compound word?
    The colour of the berry is black, making it a blackberry. You also have blueberries and strawberries, which are compound words.
  6. 'He sat down on the comfortable armchair and had a cup of tea.' Which word in this sentence is the compound word?
    You can have an 'arm' and a 'chair' and if you put them together you have an 'armchair'.
  7. 'There was so much rubbish in the dustbin.' Which word in this sentence is the compound word?
    One recycled tin could save enough energy to watch television for three hours!
  8. Which answer is a compound word?
    We used to use blackboards and chalk, then whiteboards and pens and now we use IWB (Interactive White Boards).
  9. 'It was hot in the greenhouse but luckily he had shorts on.' Which word in this sentence is the compound word?
    Greenhouses are designed to heat up and protect flowers and plants that need to survive in warmer climates.
  10. 'The hedgehog shuffled under the bush.' Which word in this sentence is the compound word?
    A group of hedgehogs is called an array.

Author: Finola Waller

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