Comprehension - Inference
Read and think carefully before answering.

Comprehension - Inference

Our quiz introduces KS1 children in Year 2 to inference. It can also be played by pupils that have just begun Year 3. There will be a sentence and then they are to answer questions on what they have read from inferring or assuming. This will enhance their comprehension, literacy and English language skills as suggested in the National Curriculum.

Sometimes we can understand how somebody is feeling, not because they say ‘I’m sad’ but because of what they say, like ‘I fell over.’ This is called inferring. Use your detective skills on the following questions.

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  1. "Put that down right now!" How would this character be speaking?
    The exclamation mark tells us how this would be said.
  2. 'When she walked through the door, there were feathers everywhere and her dog sitting on the sofa.' What has happened?
    Did you know dogs have dreams?
  3. '"I'm not lying," said the girl, with a smile.' Is she lying?
    Because she is smiling, her actions are giving her away.
  4. 'Tammy called Harry's house phone and there was no answer but when she drove past the house all the lights were on.' What can we infer from this?
    In this one, we would assume that Harry is in because he has left the lights on and he is ignoring Tammy's calls.
  5. 'Annie went upstairs whilst Fred was in the kitchen. All of a sudden she heard a bang and a thud.' What do you think has happened?
    The sounds suggest he hurt himself.
  6. "Can I have some more?" What does this suggest?
    Did you know that chocolate was once used as a currency?
  7. 'She honked her horn.' What can we say about this character?
    You should only honk a car horn to warn of oncoming danger, not because somebody has annoyed you.
  8. "No I don't eat meat." What can we call this person?
    If somebody doesn't eat meat, they are a vegetarian. Sometimes, people choose to not eat meat but might still eat fish and they are called pescatarians.
  9. "My hand shook as I fed the tiger." How does this character feel?
    We can tell by the character's actions that they are nervous. People normally shake when they are worried or cold.
  10. 'He got out of the taxi and ran towards the airport gate as fast as he could.' What can we assume?
    The busiest airport in the world is in America. They work this out by counting how many people go through and land at that airport.

Author: Finola Waller

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