Conjunctions - And or But
I like most fruit but I can't stand pears!

Conjunctions - And or But

This quiz is for teaching children when and how to use the conjunctions ‘And’ or ‘But’. To agree, the word ‘and’ is used, but to disagree the word ‘but’ is used. It identifies two of the most common words used by Key Stage 1 children and highlights the difference one word can make to their sentences. This quiz will also recap all the basic sentence rules like capital letters and full stops which will reinforce children’s knowledge of literacy and English.

When we write sentences, we often link two ideas with the words ‘and’ or ‘but’. The word ‘and’ adds detail to what you’ve already said but the word ‘but’ disagrees. Every sentence you write must always start with a capital letter and full stop.

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  1. Finish this sentence: I like chocolate...
    The first clause is 'I like chocolate'. We could end the sentence there but we then add to it by saying chocolate is bad. Because the second clause disagrees with us eating it, we use the word 'but'.
  2. Finish this sentence: 'I love to play golf...'
    The longest golf course is in Massachusetts.
  3. Finish this sentence: 'I really enjoyed that hike...'
    If we joined the clauses with 'but' it would change the meaning. By using 'and' it means they are happy it was climbed quickly. If we wrote 'but,' then it means that although they enjoyed the hike - they're glad it's over and done with.
  4. Finish this sentence: 'The chairs were broken...'
    The oldest known game of musical chairs occurred in 1877.
  5. 'And' and 'but' are known as what?
    They are both words that link two short sentences together.
  6. Finish this sentence: 'The dog and cat fought over the bone...'
    Make sure capital letters are only used for names and the beginning of the sentence.
  7. Finish this sentence: 'The computer was broken...'
    The very first computers used were so large, one computer filled an entire room!
  8. Finish this sentence: 'He went into the spooky house...'
    We must always end a sentence with a full stop.
  9. Finish this sentence: 'The baby was tired...'
    We are adding information to the fact that the baby is tired. Falling asleep agrees with the first clause of being tired.
  10. Finish this sentence: 'The camel really enjoyed the heat...'
    Camels can drink up to seven litres of water a day.

Author: Finola Waller

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