I like peas and carrots so I'm going to have them for my dinner!


Our quiz is about conjunctions and looks at joining clauses using ‘and,’ ‘so’ and ‘because’. The National Curriculum states that Key Stage 1 children should know how to join clauses using conjunctions as part of the sentence level requirements. This will aid their English writing and literacy.

Sometimes our short sentences can be joined together to make one longer sentence. We can join two sentences with conjunctions, or joining words. Some conjunctions help you to add information to the first sentence. By using ‘and,’ ‘because’ and ‘so’ you can then go on to provide more information.

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  1. 'Lorraine fell off her bike last time.' Which answer could follow?
    The third answer explains that she wore a helmet. The first sentence tells us what happened and the second one tells us what she does as a consequence.
  2. Which word is not a conjunction?
    We call a sentence a clause. We can join two clauses with any of those three conjunctions.
  3. 'Taj likes ice cream.' Which conjunction and clause should follow?
    Although 'because' and 'so' are conjunctions only 'and' makes sense and is adding to this sentence. Make sure you pick the most appropriate conjunction.
  4. 'She fell asleep at her desk.' Which sentence should follow?
    The word 'yet' is a conjunction but doesn't work in this sentence.
  5. Finish this sentence: David fell over and...
    The two sentences you join need to make sense when put together, so make sure you always read through your work.
  6. Which sentence is perfect?
    Always have your conjunction in between two sentences but check the order of the sentences to make sure it makes sense. Chimps peel bananas and don't eat the skin - just like us humans!
  7. Which sentence is perfect?
    You only need one conjunction for every two clauses (sentences).
  8. Which sentence isn't correct?
    We have conjunction overload in this last answer. Try to only join two sentences at a time.
  9. Finish this sentence: The lake was frozen so...
    The last one matches the first sentence. Water is a liquid but when frozen it turns into a solid.
  10. Finish this sentence: He ran away because...
    When we use the word 'because' it means we are going to explain something.

Author: Finola Waller

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