Dates and Positional Numbers
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Dates and Positional Numbers

This English and Literacy quiz looks at writing dates and positional numbers. This quiz will help KS1 children learn how to write the date correctly. It also informs them when to write ‘st’, ‘nd’ 'th' and ‘rd’ after a number. This is something that will arise in their everyday writing, as they’ll need to date their work. This quiz is ideally for Year 1 pupils or can be used as revision for Year 2. It will aid in their development of literacy and English.

When we write the date or say the position of something, we don’t say one, two or three. Instead we say first, second, third. We also show this using ‘st’, ‘nd’ and ‘rd’. See how much you know on positional language.

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  1. Which date is written correctly?
    When we write the date, we use the number as a position and don't need to say 'of' a month.
  2. Which date is written correctly?
    For numbers ending in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and the numbers between 10 and 20 we use 'th'.
  3. Which positional number is correct?
    Any time a number ends with a 3, we will write 'rd'.
  4. If you came number three in the race, you were?
    Third is shown like this: 3rd. You would write 23rd, 33rd, 43rd etc.
  5. Which positional number is correct?
    Any time the 2 is in the digit column, we always add a 'nd' if we are mentioning the place. If you say you love the number 92 then you don't need it but if you are talking about position then you do.
  6. Which positional number is correct?
    Any number that has a 1 in the units column will have 'st' at the end of it; even 117,938,473,831 will be 117,938,473,831st.
  7. If you won the race, you came?
    If you are number one, then we say first. Any time you say or write the number 1 it should be followed by 'st' - if you are talking about the position. Any number ending with 1 will have 'st', so twenty-first would be written like this: 21st.
  8. Which two letters do you add to four, six, seven to show your place?
    We would also add 'th' to five but the word changes slightly to: fifth.
  9. Which positional number is not correct?
    Remember, we only add the 'st', 'nd', 'rd' and 'th' when we are saying the position of something.
  10. If you came number two in the race you were?
    Make sure you say second, not seconds as that is a moment in time!

Author: Finola Waller

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