Dialogue Tags (Whispered, Shouted, Exclaimed)
When writing speech, there are lots of other ways to write 'said'.

Dialogue Tags (Whispered, Shouted, Exclaimed)

This dialogue tags quiz helps KS1 children identify the difference between the words ‘whispered’, ‘shouted’ and ‘exclaimed’. These skills will aid their comprehension abilities as well as dialogue as outlined in the National Curriculum. In addition, it will improve their English and literacy repertoire.

When somebody in a story speaks, the writer tells us by using speech marks and writes ‘said Izzy.’ Sometimes, ‘said’ isn’t the best word to use as the character might be shouting, whispering or exclaiming. By writing a different verb for how the character is speaking, we can understand the story better.

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  1. "That's hot!" Which tag should follow?
    Tom wouldn't shout this because the word 'shout' sounds angry but he would say this loudly and in surprise, which is why 'exclaimed' is the best word.
  2. Look at the picture. Which of these answers is correct?
    The faster somebody drives, the less time they'll have to react in an emergency - that's why we drive to the speed limit.
  3. Which dialogue tag suggests the character is excited?
    The word 'exclaimed' means to shout out, this could be in joy, excitement or in pain.
  4. Look at the picture. Which answer is most fitting?
    We can use pictures as well as text to help us understand what is going on. We can see from this picture that there are two girls whispering so answer number two can't be true.
  5. Which dialogue tag suggests the character is angry?
    We tend to shout when we are angry, so the word 'said' wouldn't really be appropriate.
  6. Which of these answers is correct?
    When somebody speaks, we always use speech marks and often a dialogue tag. The tag will help you understand how they are saying it.
  7. "Don't you dare do that!" Which tag should follow?
    Often, if a character is shouting, we would end their speech with an exclamation mark.
  8. Which answer is perfect?
    Even if there is a dialogue tag, a character isn't considered to have spoken unless there are open and closed speech marks.
  9. Why would we use 'whispered' for this picture?
    If a character is hiding, we would use the tag 'whispered'.
  10. Which dialogue tag suggests the character is speaking quietly?
    The word whispered tells us how the character is speaking. From this information, we know the character wants whatever is being said to be a secret.

Author: Finola Waller

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