Exclamation Marks
Learn when to use an exclamation mark by playing this quiz.

Exclamation Marks

This quiz introduces children to the use of this type of punctuation. The National Curriculum asks that children in KS1 learning English and Literacy are introduced (Year 1) and then use (Year 2) exclamation marks. This activity highlights when to use them and how to use them appropriately.

To end a sentence we must always use a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark. An exclamation mark should be used when someone is shouting or to emphasize strong feelings.

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  1. Exclamation marks can be used to emphasize a comment. Which answer would be considered the most amazing?
    This is a tricky one because you need to decide which fact is most astounding. Although the other facts are interesting, it's the fact that he is one of the most famous men in Literature that is most worthy of emphasis.
  2. What does an exclamation mark look like?
    An exclamation mark is like an upside down 'i'.
  3. Which of these answers should be shouted and needs an exclamation mark?
    Remember, an exclamation mark is used to show someone is shouting and a fire would be a very good reason to shout.
  4. Which answer is perfect?
    An exclamation mark works like a full stop, so if you have an exclamation mark you don't need to do any other end punctuation.
  5. Which of these answers should not end with an exclamation mark?
    When writing, if somebody is shouting they talk in short, sharp sentences and so, an exclamation mark would be used.
  6. Which of these sentences is correct?
    If you saw a shark there would be lots of exclamation marks!
  7. Which of these answers needs an exclamation mark?
    Every police officer has an identification number.
  8. Which of these answers should be shouted and needs an exclamation mark?
    There are more than 110 different varieties of sprouts.
  9. Which of these sentences is correct?
    You can have more than one sentence that ends with an exclamation mark. Just know that whenever you use one, the character is still considered to be shouting.
  10. Which of these sentences is correct?
    No matter how loud your character is shouting, one exclamation mark is enough.

Author: Finola Waller

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