Homophones 1
She read the red book. The words 'read' and 'red' sound the same.

Homophones 1

This quiz helps children in KS1 learn the different spellings for homophones, or words that sound the same. It looks at the words children, within this key stage, would write frequently in their English and Literacy lessons.

There are a few words in the English language that sound the same when you speak them, but they have different meanings and are spelt differently. Words like this are called homophones.

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  1. 'My _ is _' Which two words can fill the gaps?
    'My son is male.' A son is a child, whereas the sun is in the sky. 'Mail' is something we post but 'male' is how we describe boys and men.
  2. 'Did you _ the _ _?' Which three words can fill the gaps?
    You are patient if you wait whilst I find out your weight (how much you weigh). You can fall in a hole but if you want a whole lot more then you need to wait the night and not find a knight!
  3. "I can _ him _' Which two words can fill the gaps?
    'I can hear him groan.' 'Hear' has the word 'ear' in it, which means it's to do with sound. 'Groan' is to moan whereas, 'grown' means you have got bigger or taller.
  4. 'Please write this down.' Which word sounds the same as 'write' but means something else?
    Write and right are both said with the 'r' sound. White is said with the 'wh' sound.
  5. What's the difference between 'too' and 'two'?
    'Two' is a number, 'too' means also or too much of something and the word 'to' is used as a place and is a preposition.
  6. 'I didn't _ the _' Which two words can fill the gaps?
    'I didn't see the deer.' One 'see' is visual, the other is like seashore. A deer is an animal and the other 'dear' is what you would call someone you liked.
  7. 'Don't _ at the _' Which two words can fill the gaps?
    'Don't stare at the hare.' A hare is an animal but it does have hair all over its body. To stare at somebody is to look at them, whereas the other 'stair' is what we walk up.
  8. '_ would like a _ of cake.' Which two words can fill the gaps?
    'I would like a piece of cake.' The word 'I' means me and I do have eyes. You may like peace and quiet but you might also want a piece of cake!
  9. 'I _ a bouquet of _' Which two words can fill the gaps?
    'I won a bouquet of flowers.' The number one is different to 'won', which means you've won something. We put flowers in a vase and flour in a cake!
  10. What's the difference between 'their' and 'there'?
    'There' is a place - that's why the word 'here' is within it. 'Their' means something belongs to them. Thirdly, we have they're, which is 'they are'.

Author: Finola Waller

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