Letters - Vowels
Most words have at least one vowel in them.

Letters - Vowels

This quiz is designed for Year 1 students at KS1 level and will later aid them when learning about the indefinite article. It helps children to recognise vowels and will give them a good foundation as they progress through their English and Literacy lessons.

The alphabet is made up of five vowels and twenty one consonants. There are vowels in almost every word.

Test your knowledge on vowels. To see a larger image, click on the picture.

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  1. Which word doesn't have a vowel in it?
    House flies can move their wings 200 times a second!
  2. Which of these is not a vowel?
    'Y' is not a vowel but it sometimes acts the same way, especially when spelling certain words.
  3. How many vowels in the word 'why'?
    This is why 'y' is sometimes considered to be a vowel. If a word doesn't have a vowel in it, then it's likely to have a 'y' in there instead.
  4. How many vowels in the word queue?
    The word 'queueing' is one of a few words that contains the most vowels.
  5. In which order should the vowels be said?
    We say the vowels in alphabetical order.
  6. Which letter is a vowel?
    There are five vowels and 'a' is the first one on the list.
  7. Which letter is not a vowel?
    The vowels never change. In the English language, these will always be the only vowels we have and use.
  8. Which letter is a vowel?
    The letter 'e' is the next vowel on the list.
  9. How many vowels in the word 'sheep'?
    Vowels are an important part of every word. Many of the phonic sounds include two vowels, like 'ee' in the word 'sheep'.
  10. What are the five vowels?
    A good way to remember all five is by imagining someone saying: 'Aye!' 'Eee' 'I owe you' - or 'Aye, I owe you' - as in, I owe you something - I owe you a vowel!

Author: Finola Waller

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