Nouns - Feminine and Masculine
The bride and groom - one is male and one is female.

Nouns - Feminine and Masculine

Using the correct feminine or masculine noun is an English and Literacy skill to be learned by children at school. Being able to use male and female words will aid Key Stage 1 children’s speaking and writing skills. It will also improve their knowledge of the English language. This quiz introduces them to feminine and masculine nouns that they would use daily.

There are some words that should just be used when describing girls or females and some words just for boys or males. An example would be if we were talking about the bride, the word ‘bride’ means a woman that is going to get married. We would never call a man a bride. Test your knowledge on female and male words.

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  1. This man is the head of the school, so we call him the...
    The headmaster is a male head or leader of a school. Every school has either a headmaster or headmistress.
  2. This lady is a...
    The male version of a nun is called a monk.
  3. 'The actress smiled at the camera.' Which word tells us we are talking about a female?
    The word 'actress' is a feminine noun (a female describing word). The male version of this word is 'actor'.
  4. The name given to a man that rules a kingdom is...
    If they rule the kingdom they are called the king, if they are male, and queen, if they are female. When and if they have children, the children become a prince (male) or princess (female).
  5. We would call this woman a...
    Females are heroines and a male would be called a hero. To make things even more confusing, we call them both heroes, which is spelt differently too!
  6. What do we call his mum's dad?
    He is a grandfather and his wife would be the grandmother. In the picture there is a grandfather playing with his grandson. If the child was a girl, we would call her his granddaughter.
  7. This man is a...
    If this was a picture of a woman, we would call her a waitress.
  8. Her aunt is wearing pink but what do we call her?
    You can have an aunt (female) and uncle (male) and if you are a girl, you are their niece but if you are a boy we call you their nephew.
  9. This is a female tiger, also called a...
    A tigress can have between two and six cubs (baby tigers) at a time.
  10. These parents have a child that's a boy. What's the male noun to describe the boy?
    A son describes a male or boy. If they had a girl, she would be called their daughter.

Author: Finola Waller

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