Nouns - Identifying
The candles shone brightly. The word 'candles' is the noun in this sentence.

Nouns - Identifying

This quiz introduces children to the terminology ‘noun’ as requested in the National Curriculum. This quiz identifies what a noun is and is designed primarily for Year 1 children at KS1 level. This will develop their English language and Literacy skills, giving them an all-round understanding.

A noun is a word given to a thing. ‘The boy’s dog’ – there are two nouns in this sentence, the word ‘boy’ and ‘dog’.

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  1. 'The train station was closed.' How many nouns are in this sentence?
    There are lots of types of trains and many stations - both words are nouns.
  2. Which word is a noun?
    Did you know that one-quarter of an adult's bones are found in the feet?!
  3. 'Ellen went to the hospital.' Which word is a noun?
    There is only one Ellen - as that is her name. But if we wrote 'The girl went to the hospital' then there would be two nouns in that sentence.
  4. Which noun will you not find in a toyshop?
    Jigsaw puzzles were invented in 1760.
  5. Which noun will you not find in a farm?
    Female sheep are called ewes and males are called rams.
  6. 'I love pizza, chocolate, chips, rice, raisins and apples.' How many nouns are in that sentence?
    Did you get all six? They are pizza, chocolate, chips, rice, raisins and apples. We use nouns all the time and they are easy to spot as you can have a few of them. Nouns don't need to begin with a capital letter unless they are at the beginning of a sentence.
  7. Which word is not a noun?
    Nouns help us understand things. If I ask you to get me a chair, you need to know what a chair is - that's why we need nouns. They are common words.
  8. What is a noun?
    A noun can be anything you can touch like 'table', or a name given to a group like 'girls' or a place like 'park'.
  9. Which of these words is not a noun?
    Miss Cook is a name and so there is only one Miss Cook. If there are lots of an item, then it's likely to be a noun.
  10. Which word is not a noun?
    The word 'jump' is a verb, whereas the other words are all things every person has.

Author: Finola Waller

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