Past Tense - Ate or Eaten
What have you eaten today?

Past Tense - Ate or Eaten

Practise learning about past tense, specifically for the words ate or eaten. This quiz helps KS1 children know how to use both terms and teaches them the helping words when using ‘eaten’. This quiz will aid children’s understanding of past tense, as suggested in the National Curriculum. In addition, it will boost their knowledge of literacy and English.

If you eat something now, you eat it. However, if you ate it yesterday, then you had eaten it in the past. Test your knowledge on the words ‘ate’ and ‘eaten’.

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  1. 'The jumper ____ eaten by moths.' Which helping word would we use?
    If you see a moth in your bedroom make sure you get it out and away from your cupboards as they like to eat jumpers. Although, it isn't the moth that eats them but the larvae.
  2. What is the past tense for the word 'eat'?
    You can use the word 'ate' to move it to past tense or 'have eaten'. If you use the word 'eaten' then you need a helping word before it.
  3. Which of these is not a helping word for 'eaten'?
    We could say she has eaten, we have eaten or bread is eaten all over the world.
  4. 'Baby Bear's porridge had ____ eaten by Goldilocks.' Which helping word would we use?
    Goldilocks also tried Mummy and Daddy Bears' porridge but gobbled up all of Baby Bear's breakfast!
  5. Which sentence is perfect?
    Dogs like to chew things like dog bones or pigs' ears!
  6. 'He eats his dinner.' Change this to past tense.
    We could say either he ate his dinner or he has eaten his dinner. If we use the word 'eaten', we must make sure there is a helping word before it.
  7. Which sentence is perfect?
    Although the first answer does show the helping word 'is', it doesn't make sense. If the sentence said 'He had eaten the burger in two minutes,' then it would have been correct.
  8. Which of these is not a helping word for 'eaten'?
    We could say they are eaten at Christmas time, it was eaten at Christmas time and they were eaten at Christmas time.
  9. Which sentence is perfect?
    When using the word 'eaten', make sure you use the correct helping word.
  10. Which sentence is perfect?
    You can buy pencil toppers to stop from chewing your pencil. There are lots of germs on your hands, your hands touch the pencil and so, there are lots of germs on the pencil! Yucky!

Author: Finola Waller

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