Past Tense - Bought or Brought
Have you brought that delicious cake you bought yesterday?

Past Tense - Bought or Brought

Bought and brought are past tense words and, despite looking similar, have very different meanings. This quiz helps Key Stage 1 children use the correct term and will enhance their writing by reminding them of all the key elements needed for a perfect sentence. Children regularly get bought and brought mixed up and knowing which one to use will increase their English and literacy skill set.

Often people get confused between the words ‘bought’ and ‘brought’. In this quiz you can test your knowledge on the use of those words and improve your understanding on how to make an excellent sentence!

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  1. Which sentence is correct?
    Here we have a capital letter, full stop and the word bought means she purchased a coffee from the shop. She could have brought a coffee to the shops but that would change the meaning.
  2. Which sentence is correct?
    This means she took her friend shopping with her, she brought him along for the trip. She definitely didn't buy him!
  3. 'I will bring flowers.' Change this sentence to the past tense.
    Here we are looking for the past tense of bring, which is brought. He may have bought the flowers from the shop but we were looking to change the tense from bring to brought.
  4. Which sentence shows the correct use of the word 'bought'?
    If you use the word 'bought' then you are saying 'buy' in the past tense. The word 'bought' will only be used when someone is buying or paying for something.
  5. Which sentence shows the correct use of the word 'brought'?
    If you get confused, it's worth changing the word 'brought' to bring and see if it makes sense then. Don't forget that every sentence we write must have a capital letter, full stop and have the correct words.
  6. Bought is the past tense of which word?
    If you buy something now, then yesterday you bought it. Buy is the present tense and bought changes it to past tense.
  7. Which sentence is perfect?
    Here we could say they brought or bought the shoes, it depends on what is happening. We need to know if she purchased them from a shop, so bought them. Or, if she or he brought them round to her house and owned them already.
  8. Which sentence is perfect?
    To help you remember, the words brought and bring both have 'br' whereas 'buy' and 'bought' don't.
  9. Brought is the past tense of which word?
    If you bring it today, then you brought it yesterday. Bring is present tense and brought changes it to past tense.
  10. 'I will buy you a new football shirt.' Change this sentence to the past tense.
    We are looking to change the tense of buy, which is bought. Again, he could bring a new shirt with him but that doesn't mean he just bought it.

Author: Finola Waller

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