Prepositions 2
The robin perched on the branch. Do you know which word is the preposition in that sentence?

Prepositions 2

This Prepositions 2 quiz follows on from the Prepositions 1 Quiz. The National Curriculum states that Year 3 children in KS1 English and Literacy lessons should know prepositions, however, Year 1 and 2 will be using them in their writing. This quiz introduces them to the key words and what they mean.

A preposition is a word that tells us the position of something. A preposition will say that something, a person or animal is by, above or under something. There are many ways to describe where something is by using prepositions. Now test your knowledge on these words.

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  1. 'Humpty Dumpty jumped off the wall.' Which word is the preposition?
    If he had jumped off, he wouldn't have had a great fall!
  2. 'The horse jumped over the fence.' Which word is the preposition?
    This horse isn't in a race, instead it is taking part in something called 'show jumping'.
  3. Which word is not a preposition?
    A preposition is a word that explains where one thing is, in relation to something else.
  4. Which word is not a preposition?
    He went into the room, he went before the person behind him and he went in or inside. These are all places that state where he is in regards to the room or the other person.
  5. 'The cheetah is standing by the bushes.' Which word is the preposition?
    The cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world.
  6. Which word is not a preposition?
    We could say he was behind the line, swam across the pool or under the water. All the prepositions are telling us where he is.
  7. Which word is not a preposition?
    We could say the bow was on the present, then it came off the present and it may even have been in the present!
  8. 'She cleaned under the table.' Which word is the preposition?
    She is doing a good job of cleaning the room!
  9. 'There is a hamburger ____ the plate.' Which preposition fits in the gap?
    A hamburger contains beef and a veggie burger looks similar but only has vegetables in it.
  10. 'Julie is standing ____ the wardrobe.' Which preposition fits in the gap?
    There is a very famous book called The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - you should read it, if you haven't already!

Author: Finola Waller

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