Michael, Susan, Trevor and Mary went to the restaurant. They went to the restaurant.


This quiz looks at pronouns. It helps children in Key Stage 1 know how to use ‘he', ‘she', ‘they’ etc. instead of repeating the proper noun each time. Although not stipulated in the National Curriculum, it is assumed that during this key stage, children learn not to repeat proper nouns and use pronouns in their place. This will greatly improve their English language and literacy skills.

‘Katie liked her apple. Katie’s apple was green. Katie was hungry.’ Instead of writing Katie’s name each time, we would write a pronoun instead like this: ‘Katie liked her apple. Her apple was green. She was hungry.’ The words ‘her’ and ‘she’ are pronouns and stop us from repeating her name.

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  1. 'He told the sailor to put his cap on.' How many pronouns are in that sentence?
    'He' and 'his' are the pronouns and the word 'sailor' is a noun.
  2. Which of these words is not a pronoun?
    The pronouns here are good ways to describe groups of people or more than one person.
  3. Which word is not a pronoun?
    These are all pronouns that can be used for females (girls).
  4. 'Tom didn't want to eat any vegetables today.' Which pronoun could we use to replace 'Tom'?
    Dark green vegetables are better for you as they contain more Vitamin C than lighter green ones.
  5. 'Debbie and Arul climbed the mountain.' Which pronoun could replace both names?
    Heights of mountains are usually taken from above sea level.
  6. 'I don't want to play golf with him as he is too good.' Which words are the pronouns in that sentence?
    The first place golf was ever played was Scotland.
  7. 'They said they would play with me but I don't think they will.' How many pronouns are in that sentence?
    The pronouns were three lots of 'they', 'me' and 'I'. There were lots of pronouns in that sentence - imagine if I wrote the character names each time, now that would be a long sentence!
  8. 'Hannah loved swimming.' Which pronoun could we use to replace 'Hannah'?
    Swimming has been in the Olympics since 1896.
  9. Which word is not a pronoun?
    'Me' and 'I' are good pronouns to use if you are writing in first person.
  10. Which word is not a pronoun?
    All but the last answer are good pronouns for males (boys).

Author: Finola Waller

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