Question Marks
When writing a question, don't forget the question mark.

Question Marks

This quiz is all about question marks and is designed for KS1 children studying English. It adheres to the National Curriculum's requirement that Year 1 children should be introduced to question marks and Year 2 should know how to use them. This activity is designed for both year groups and asks them to identify the question and when to use this form of punctuation mark. The quiz will aid their learning of literacy.

We always end a sentence with a full stop but sometimes we can use a question mark instead. A question mark should be used when you are writing a question. It works in the same way as a full stop and should only be written at the end of the sentence that asks something. Once it appears, the next word should be capitalized as it is a new sentence.

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  1. Which of these is a question?
    Each short sentence will end with either a full stop, exclamation or question mark. Read each phrase aloud to help you decide which one would need an answer.
  2. Which of these is not a question?
    Elephants are the largest land animals in the world.
  3. Which question is perfect?
    Remember to only have the punctuation at the end of the sentence/question. Then the next sentence will begin with a capital letter.
  4. Which answer is correctly punctuated?
    A frog is an amphibian. They lay their eggs in water, which hatch into tadpoles.
  5. A question must always end with a question mark. Which answer is correctly formatted?
    If we are asking a question then only a question mark (?) will do. Any other form of punctuation is incorrect.
  6. Which of these choices is written perfectly?
    You need to make sure the question mark is given only to the question.
  7. Which of these is not a question?
    There are over one billion cars on earth.
  8. Which of these choices is written perfectly?
    Even though a question and exclamation mark look different to a full stop, they still do the same thing. All three are called 'end stops' because they end a sentence.
  9. Which of these is a question?
    If a question needs just a 'yes' or 'no' answer it is called a 'closed' question but if you can answer in sentences, then it's an 'open ended' question.
  10. Which one is a question?
    The word 'what' tells a reader immediately that you are being asked a question and you need to reply.

Author: Finola Waller

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