Reading - Fairy Tales Characters
Do you like fairy tales?

Reading - Fairy Tales Characters

This reading quiz is all about characters in fairy tales. This quiz asks KS1 children to identify which character belongs to which well-known story. The National Curriculum states that Year 1 children should know and be able to retell these tales, alongside traditional stories. This quiz jogs their memory bank and also adds another dimension to their English and literacy skills.

There are many fairy tales and many characters. A fairy tale is a short story and often finishes with a happy ending. There are normally magical elements and memorable characters. See if you can remember the stories you have read.

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  1. Which character leaves a glass slipper at a ball?
    When the prince finds this slipper, he searches the town to see who the shoe fits.
  2. This character is very small - who is it?
    Thumbelina was written by Hans Christian Andersen, who has written many well-known fairy tales.
  3. Finish this fairy tale title: Beauty and the...
    The beauty in this story is called Belle, which is french for beautiful.
  4. Look at the picture, who does this look like?
    Sleeping Beauty is actually called Princess Aurora.
  5. Finish this title: Hansel and...
    The brother and sister leave biscuit crumbs on the floor so they can find their way home.
  6. Which character doesn't want you to know his name?
    This character was a villain!
  7. Who is after the three little pigs?
    This is also called a fable because there is a moral to the story.
  8. Which character breaks three chairs, tries three porridges and sleeps in three beds?
    Goldilocks is later found by the three bears - who aren't too happy!
  9. Snow White met how many dwarves?
    In the traditional story they are just called dwarves. In Disney's version they have names that tell you about their character, like Grumpy - who is miserable and grumpy!
  10. Who does Red Riding Hood go to visit?
    She tries to visit her granny but the wolf is there instead!

Author: Finola Waller

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