Sentences - Completing
See if you can make sense of the following ten questions!

Sentences - Completing

As children learn more about words in their English classes, they will begin to start using full sentences and spotting mistakes where the words just don't make sense. This quiz aids KS1 children’s comprehension, English and literacy skills. Key Stage 1 children will need to read the beginning of a sentence and identify which ending makes the most sense, choosing the word and completing the sentence.

When we write a sentence we have to make sure it makes sense. The questions below will show you the beginning of a sentence and you need to pick the most relevant ending. See if you can get full marks!

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  1. Finish this sentence: The teacher pointed to the board
    The first two answers would make sense if it was a PE teacher but because there is a board we know they are inside.
  2. Finish this sentence: The dentist asked her to open her mouth...
    The word 'so' is connecting these two sentences or clauses together. We could end the sentence with 'The dentist asked her to open her mouth,' as that sentence still makes sense. We then decided to add more information to that sentence by using the word 'so'.
  3. Finish this sentence: The chef put the cake in the oven...
    Here, you need to know that cakes rise in the oven. You also need to know that if you add blueberries to a cake, you'd do that before putting it in the oven.
  4. Join me up to my ending: The dog wagged his...
    For this one, you only needed to pick the correct word. Dogs wag their tails and it was the only answer that would make sense.
  5. Finish this sentence: He went skiing...
    For this answer, you need to know that skiing includes heights. You need to be able to go to the top of a mountain and slide/ski back down it.
  6. Finish this sentence: I went to the park....
    When you read, it's always a good idea to use the picture to help you. If there was a picture of them painting a house too, then that would make sense.
  7. Finish this sentence: The footballer ran towards the goal...
    In the 2014 Football World Cup there were five own goals!
  8. Finish this sentence: The flowers wilted...
    Flowers need water, soil and sunlight. Once they've been picked and placed in a vase, they just need water to slow the wilting process.
  9. Finish this sentence: The actor walked on stage...
    If you are in a play or are an actor, you learn lines. This means you learn what to say.
  10. Finish this sentence: The television host was happy...
    This beginning sentence assumes that you know a tv show would want you to win money - not lose it. In fact, all quiz shows involve people winning something, never losing!

Author: Finola Waller

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