Speech Marks
How do you know if someone is speaking when you read a book?

Speech Marks

This quiz is about speech marks and introduces Key Stage 1 students to speech marks and their purpose. The National Curriculum doesn’t expect children in this key stage to know how to use speech marks as this is required in Year 3. When reading, however, they do need to know when a character is speaking. Therefore, this introduction to speech marks will aid their reading and comprehension skills and add to their all-round literacy and English knowledge.

When we read a story, sometimes the characters speak. We know a character is speaking because speech marks show us. When you see “ this means somebody has started speaking and this sign ” means they have finished.

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  1. Which sentence is perfect?
    In London you can rent a bike, commonly known as 'Boris Bikes' named after Boris Johnson - the Mayor of London.
  2. Which symbol tells us somebody has started speaking?
    Speech marks look like two commas close together that are floating in the air.
  3. Which sentence is perfect?
    If you write who is speaking, make sure you never put that information in speech marks.
  4. Which of these answers is perfect?
    Whenever we write speech, we always begin with a capital letter, finish with some form of punctuation and open and close speech marks.
  5. Which sentence is perfect?
    Speech marks are also called 'inverted commas'.
  6. Which symbol tells us somebody has finished speaking?
    When somebody has stopped speaking we use the same symbol but it should be facing inwards - we say the opening speech marks look like 66 and the closing speech marks look like 99.
  7. Which answer is perfect?
    If somebody is speaking we show it with speech marks, we also write who is speaking by saying 'said Peter'.
  8. You've made my floor dirty said Larry. Which part of this sentence should be in speech marks?
    The word 'said' is the most popular word to use when somebody is speaking.
  9. Which answer is correct?
    Before we close the speech marks we must always include a form of punctuation.
  10. Which sentence is perfect?
    Don't forget to start speech with a capital letter.

Author: Finola Waller

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