How many syllables are in the word 'balloon'?


This KS1 quiz takes a look at syllables. This quiz helps children recognise how many syllables there are in words. This is an important skill that children in Key Stage 1 should learn. Knowing the syllables will aid their reading as it will teach them how to break a word up into recognisable sounds. It also is a firm foundation in their English and Literacy skill set.

Each word is made up of sounds, which can also be called syllables. The best way to describe syllables is to find the beats in a word. The word ‘happy’ is said like this: ‘hap – py’, there are two different sounds within the word. Test your knowledge on how many sounds or syllables there are in these words.

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  1. How many syllables are in the word 'snap'?
    The word snap could mean, take a snap, play the card game snap or you snapped (broke something). All this from a one-syllable word!
  2. How many syllables are in the word 'olive'?
    Olives grow on small trees. We can eat olives whole like in this picture or we can use them to make olive oil, which we use for cooking.
  3. How many syllables are in the word 'flower'?
    The word flower is broken up like this: 'flow - er'. These aren't phonics sounds, if they were then the word would be broken up differently. Instead we are counting the movements of our mouth.
  4. How many syllables are in the word 'oak'?
    Oak trees can live for up to 200 years!
  5. How many syllables are in the word 'nose'?
    If you are unable to smell, then you suffer from anosmia.
  6. How many syllables are in the word 'identical'?
    Identical twins are two brothers or two sisters that look alike.
  7. What does a syllable count?
    There are words with one sound, like 'one' - you only move your mouth once for that word. Now try the word 'twenty', you make two mouth movements.
  8. How many syllables are in the word 'apple'?
    Apple trees don't produce apples until they are at least four or five years old.
  9. How many syllables are in the word 'elephant'?
    Elephant is said like this: 'el - e - phant'. It's fun to tap or clap your hands together to help you count syllables.
  10. How many syllables are in the word 'America'?
    The full title for this country is: United States of America. We shorten this to USA (we ignore the word 'of').

Author: Finola Waller

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