Synonyms 2
Before you start this quiz, make sure you have a dictionary to hand.

Synonyms 2

This quiz takes a look at similar words and enhances KS1 children’s understanding of synonyms. This quiz should be carried out with the help of a dictionary, as it will introduce them to a variety of new vocabulary. Similar words, or synonyms, are an important part of literacy and English, as they can really improve a child’s writing and speech.

Sally has written some sentences but she has made a mistake. She thought she was writing these sentences for university students. Please help her change the complicated word to a similar, simpler word. You might need a dictionary!

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  1. 'He manufactured lego.' Which word can we use instead of 'manufactured'?
    If we were replacing 'manufactures' then it would be 'makes', however, we are using the past tense and so it's 'made'.
  2. 'The officer was very courageous.' Which word can we use instead of 'courageous'?
    We could say he is brave, courageous, fearless, gallant, heroic and valiant. All these words mean the same thing.
  3. 'Please move in a circular motion.' Which word can we use instead of 'circular'?
    The word 'circular' comes from the word 'circle'.
  4. 'The ship was in great peril.' Which word can we use instead of 'peril'?
    Another ship or liner that was in great peril was the Titanic, which sank in 1912.
  5. 'She wasn't feeling very well and felt drowsy.' Which word can we use instead of 'drowsy'?
    Newborn babies sleep for around sixteen hours a day, as they get older they sleep less and less.
  6. 'The concert will commence at 8 o'clock.' Which word can we use instead of 'commence'?
    Commence and begin mean the same thing as the word start. The world's largest arena is called the Philippine Arena.
  7. 'Please purchase a new car.' Which word can we use instead of 'purchase'?
    The Bugatti Veyron is the fastest car in the world but it's also one of the most expensive cars around.
  8. 'He is a wealthy man.' Which word can we use instead of 'wealthy'?
    The word wealthy means rich, they both mean he has lots of money.
  9. 'He has gone insane.' Which word can we use instead of 'insane'?
    We say someone has gone crazy if we mean they are doing something unusual. When we say this, we don't actually think they are crazy or insane - this is called a manner of speech, we are saying it to make a point but we don't mean it literally.
  10. 'The wool is very coarse.' Which word can we use instead of 'coarse'?
    The fleece from sheep is shaved and used to make wool; we have been using their wool since the Stone Age.

Author: Finola Waller

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