Verbs - Past Tense (Adding 'ed')
Alice played the flute in church. The word 'played' shows us this happened in the past.

Verbs - Past Tense (Adding 'ed')

This quiz helps children learn when to add ‘ed’ to show that a verb has happened in the past. This will help their sentence level, as required in KS1 of the National Curriculum. It follows on from our other quiz, Verbs - Past Tense (Was Were)’, and encourages children to know when to use the past tense. It will expand their knowledge of English and literacy too!

When we write in the past tense, we need to make sure the verbs (doing words) are also written in that tense. This can be achieved by writing ‘ed’ onto the end of the word.

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  1. Which type of words can we add 'ed' onto, to change the tense?
    We can only add 'ed' to the end of verbs, doing words.
  2. Which word isn't written in the past tense?
    The word 'partying' suggests it is happening now.
  3. Which word cannot end with 'ed'?
    If the verb already ends with an 'e', like 'cuddle' then you just add 'd'.
  4. 'He should have walked but instead he danced then skidded.' How many past tense verbs are in that sentence?
    The verbs were 'walk', 'skid' and 'dance'.
  5. Which word can we add 'ed' onto the end, to change the tense?
    You can push the dominoes over, which means you pushed them.
  6. If the verb ends in a short vowel sound, like 'hop', we double the last letter, then add 'ed'. Which spelling is correct?
    Because the 'o' sound is considered a short vowel sound, we double the 'p' then add 'ed'.
  7. Which spelling is correct?
    To change 'drip' to the past tense, we double the end letter, then add 'ed'.
  8. Which word can we add 'ed' onto the end, to change the tense?
    'Jump' is the verb and if she did it yesterday, she jumped.
  9. Which word can we add 'ed' onto the end, to change the tense?
    The word 'post' is a verb and 'posted' means you've already done it.
  10. Which word can we add 'ed' onto the end, to change the tense?
    To change 'touch' into the past tense, you would write 'touched'.

Author: Finola Waller

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