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Our quiz introduces children to verbs (doing words) as suggested in the National Curriculum. KS1 children in their English and Literacy classes should be able to identify a verb in writing and when reading.

A verb is a doing word. It is a word that describes action and tells us that something is happening.

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  1. Which sentence doesn't contain a verb?
    The second answer is the only one without a verb or a word that involves action.
  2. Which word is not a verb?
    Laughing is considered a universal form of communicating. That means every person in the world, despite what language they speak, will know what laughing is and means.
  3. Which of these words is not a verb?
    A good way to know if a word is a verb is by asking yourself if you can do it. So, could you kick something? run? hit? table?
  4. 'He walked to the party then danced all night and slept all day.' How many verbs are in that sentence?
    Walked, danced and slept are the verbs. Did you know that honeybees dance as a way to communicate?
  5. Which word is a verb?
    Sunlight causes many people to sneeze.
  6. 'I can't breathe because my nose is blocked.' Which word is a verb?
    Females tend to have more colds than males.
  7. Which sentence doesn't contain a verb?
    Wrestling is one of the oldest forms of combat.
  8. 'Every Monday I watch football.' Which word is a verb?
    Many children think 'football' is a verb but it's not. If I say to you 'go football' you can't. You play football. Football is the game but the verb is 'to play'.
  9. 'I will not stand when I'm told to.' - which word is the verb?
    The trick to finding out which word is a verb is to say each word to somebody and if you expect a reaction, then it's a verb. If I say 'when' to you, you don't need to do anything but if I say 'stand' then you are expected to move.
  10. 'I enjoy tennis, football and playing snooker.' How many verbs are in that sentence?
    The word 'enjoy' is also a verb. Snooker is played with twenty two balls.

Author: Finola Waller

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