Vocabulary - Occupations (Missing Words)
See how familiar you are with job titles in this quiz.

Vocabulary - Occupations (Missing Words)

This Vocabulary Occupation (Missing Words) quiz should follow on from the KS1 Vocabulary Occupations quiz. This quiz extends KS1 children’s vocabulary and will help develop their reading skills, along with their general use of English and literacy.

There are lots of occupations or jobs in the world. A job is something you do and get paid for. Have a look at these sentences and see if you can find the missing word.

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  1. 'The ____ blew the whistle.' Which job fits in the space?
    In football, a referee carries red and yellow cards and a pencil and notepad.
  2. 'The ____ jumped on top of the horse and waited for the race to begin.' Which job fits in the space?
    Jockeys have to be very light and tend to be quite short. This is because the less you weigh, the less weight you will have on the horse to slow him down.
  3. 'The ____ ____ saved the dog's life.' Which job fits in the space?
    A veterinary surgeon can only work on animals, the other three jobs help people.
  4. 'The ____ said her eyesight was good.' Which job fits in the space?
    An optician is the name of the person that decides if you need glasses. They test your vision but if there is anything wrong with your eyes, you would still need to go to the doctors or hospital.
  5. 'The ____ recorded the ____ for the daily news.' Which jobs fit in the space?
    Once the news has been filmed, it is edited and then put on television.
  6. 'The ____ sentenced him to ten years in prison.' Which job fits in the space?
    The policeman will arrest the criminal but the judge will decide how long they go to prison for, after listening to solicitors.
  7. 'The famous ____ posed for the photographer.' Which job fits in the space?
    The person that takes the picture is called a photographer and an editor will look at the pictures and put them in their magazine.
  8. 'The ____ made three photocopies.' Which job fits in the space?
    A secretary can work in an area called the reception, this will be where they meet and greet people. Their job will involve typing, photocopying and answering phones.
  9. 'The ____ wrote an amazing story.' Which job fits in the space?
    The author in the picture is at, what we call, a book signing.
  10. 'The ____ made spaghetti bolognese.' Which job fits in the space?
    If a restaurant is really good, it gets a Michelin Star. This is like a sticker for saying 'good work!'

Author: Finola Waller

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