Vocabulary - Occupations
Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

Vocabulary - Occupations

See how many occupations you can name in this enjoyable picture quiz. This quiz helps KS1 children identify the correct name for occupations and professions. This will help expand their vocabulary and improve their all-round English and literacy skills.

Most adults you see are working. People that work have different job titles and work in different fields. A teacher is somebody that helps you in school and teaching is an occupation. Test your knowledge on the names of these jobs.

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  1. Which of these jobs does not involve driving?
    There are lots of jobs that involve driving. We also need drivers to deliver food to supermarkets and shops.
  2. Who would drive a car like this?
    We say policemen and women work in a police station.
  3. Have a look at the picture, who do we need to finish the job?
    To build and complete a house, you need lots of professionals to help you. The builder and brick layers lay the bricks but an architect will design the house and how it looks.
  4. Which job do we not need to help us build and complete our house?
    These are just three jobs you'd need to complete a house. You would also need a plasterer and painter.
  5. This is a...
    A flight attendant helps you during the flight and the pilot will be at the front of the plane flying it!
  6. This man is a....
    It takes about ten years to train to be a doctor.
  7. Look at the picture; what is their job title?
    Firemen are part of our emergency services. Other jobs within the 'emergency services' are police and paramedics (doctors in ambulances).
  8. Which of these is not an occupation?
    There are so many jobs available, all you need to do is decide what you want to do!
  9. This lady is a...
    We say a hairdresser works in a salon.
  10. These men are...
    Even if there isn't a war, we have soldiers and people that train to be a soldier - just in case. If you are a soldier you work in the army. It's like if you are a teacher, you work for a school.

Author: Finola Waller

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