Young Animals
Children are sometimes called kids, but did you know that baby goats are also called kids?

Young Animals

Young animals have special names given to them. Calling them 'baby animals' or just 'babies' makes sense and will be understood, but this enjoyable picture quiz expands KS1 children’s vocabulary and introduces them to the names given to young animals. It will develop their English and literacy skills and enable them to add some colour and variety to their stories and writing.

We can group animals and people by age. If we talk about ‘children’, we know they are under twelve years old. There are lots of words to describe young animals and people.

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  1. What do we call a baby sheep?
    Sheep and lambs eat grass and like to stay in herds.
  2. Which word does not refer to a young person?
    We could also say kids, boys and girls. When boys and girls grow up, we call them teens or women and men.
  3. What do we call a baby tiger?
    Cubs leave their mothers when they are around two years old.
  4. What do we call a baby deer?
    Bambi is the name of a popular story and Disney movie about a baby deer, or fawn.
  5. What do we call a baby rabbit?
    A bunny is actually considered to be a cute way to say rabbit - mainly used by children. A baby rabbit is called a kitten or kit.
  6. What do we call a baby hen?
    A chick can be used to describe any young bird that has been hatched from an egg. Although there are exceptions, like ducks who have baby ducklings - not chicks.
  7. What do we call a baby dog?
    Like kittens, it takes around nine days for them to open their eyes.
  8. What do we call a baby cat?
    Kittens' eyes only begin to open after eight days.
  9. What do we call a baby cow?
    If there is one, we say calf but if there are two, we say calves.
  10. What do we call a baby bear?
    Like tiger cubs, bear cubs usually leave their mothers at around the age of two and have to look after themselves.

Author: Finola Waller

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